terms of use

Visitors may take photographs of the grounds provided they are for personal use only. Photographs inside the mansion may not be taken. No photographs, videos, CDs, multimedia, or images of any kind of the Mansion, grounds, and property are allowed to be taken for commercial uses of any kind, or for any other use without the express written permission of  Nemours Mansion and Gardens. Arrangements can be made for professional photographers provided they are part of a verified publication and working on a specific piece slated for print. Members of the working press should contact the Press Office  at (301) 651-5012 for more details.

Visitors must be over 12 years of age. The tour is handicapped accessible. Photographs are not permitted in the Mansion. Food and picnic facilities are not available at Nemours Mansion and Gardens. Scooters and other vehicles (excluding wheelchairs) are not allowed. Please turn off all cellular phones and audible pagers when visiting the Mansion.

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